University Application Guidance

Curriculum Vitae

Our consultants will help you craft your CV not only to list extracurricular activities, but also to prioritize them, to best describe your implication and responsibilities, and to convey a strong personality.

Application Essay Brainstorming

We will guide you through a brainstorming process to generate unique ideas for personal statements and personal narratives.

Personalized Program and Scholarship Recommendations

We will assist you in making a list of desired programs and universities, based on your preferences and future goals, including deciding on a plan B. Furthermore, we will help you apply for competitive scholarships, potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

PS/PN and Scholarship Application Review

We will review multiple drafts of your personal statements, narratives and scholarship applications, providing feedback on the content, organization and grammar.

Letters of Reference

We will help you decide who to ask for letters of reference, how to ask for them, when to ask for them, and everything else that has to do with such letters.

Multiple Reviews

Your application package will be reviewed by multiple consultants, in order to provide a variety of perspectives and to maximize your chances of ending up in the program of your choice.



Once you contact us, we will ask you to send us an application detailing your educational and extracurricular history, goals and interests, thus allowing us to match you with a consultant who is a good fit for you.


Starting off

During a first hour-long meeting, you and your mentor will discuss your university admissions goals, and realistically evaluate your chances of admission to different programs. Furthermore, you will begin brainstorming application essay ideas and develop a stress-free timeline for writing applications.


Following up

You and your mentor will meet via video conference at least once every two weeks* to discuss and improve successive drafts of your university applications, until you both agree that it is ready for submission.

* We are also able to accommodate last-minute essay review requests in as little as 24 hours for an additional fee.