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We provide expert advice to CEGEP students to improve their academic performance and maximize their chances of admission to competitive university programs.

What We Do

High school and CEGEP 1

Early Mentorship Program

We guide students in registering optimal schedules, developing study strategies to achieve a high R-Score, planning their extracurricular activities, and more.


University Application Guidance

We assist students in choosing a wide variety of programs to apply to and in writing university applications which cast them in the best possible light, with the potential to multiply any given candidate's admissions chances.

Last CEGEP semester

Interview Prep Program

We conduct simulations, provide detailed feedback and propose strategies to students for them to perform optimally in different types of interviews.

We provide guidance for admission to the following university programs:




USA (Ivy League +)

UK (Oxbridge +)

and any others on request.

Number of specialized consultants


Average R-Score of our consultants


Highest consultant R-Score

Our consultants have gained admission to:

McGill University Med-P/Dent-P | McGill University, Faculty of Law | Harvard University | Oxford University | Columbia University | University of Pennsylvania | Université de Montréal, facultés de Médecine et de Droit | and more

Our Team

All the consultants in our team have excelled in CEGEP academics, have a variety of extracurricular experiences, and have gained admission to selective programs. We will match you with a knowledgeable and approachable consultant who is a good fit for you.

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