Mission Statement

RScology is an academic consulting firm which helps students improve their academic and personal performance and maximize their probability of admission to competitive university programs. To that end, we offer a variety of services tailored to clients' needs, mainly focusing on admission to Quebec medical schools, dental schools and law schools, as well as top undergrad programs in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Pragmatism. Boldness. Critical thinking.

Those attributes lead to the founding of RScology. In the opaque world of university admissions, students often have their hand held through the process of earning good grades, participating in extracurricular activities and applying to competitive programs, without ever questioning the process itself. Originally as a product of simple intellectual curiosity, RScology consultants started to analyze patterns in admitted applicants, which seemed to be as correlated with the strengths of the application process as they were with its flaws. The popular conception attributes more uncertainty to this process than actually exists, as students are told that "they could do everything right and still not get in," as a way of assuaging fears. We dared to think otherwise; to think that maybe, just maybe, admissions committees do not subjectively look for the best candidates, but rather objectively choose applicants that satisfy their own list of desired skills, personality traits and institutional needs.

We began with that simple hypothesis. We went through the experiment: studying, engaging in extra-curricular activities, applying to universities, writing personal narratives/personal statements, and being inteviewed. We gathered as many results as possible, not only from our own experiences but from other applicants' as well. Our thorough analysis and application of critical thinking has convinced us that through personalized coaching, we can greatly tip the scales in any applicant's favour.

To preempt the judgement of such coaching as a way of gaming the system and not showing who you really are, we assert that adapting your best traits to shape yourself into an ideal candidate is a skill in itself, of which the usefulness spans not only university admissions but also a variety of professional and personal life situations. As such, we believe that applicants should be able to present themselves in the best possible light, as we guide them through a process that is not only academic, but also comprises self-improvement towards becoming a better-rounded person, and thus a more appealing candidate. Through our publication of online articles, we also hope to level the playing field among candidates, to bring attention to certain flaws within the selection process, and to encourage the implementation of a fairer, more accurate system.