Mentorship Program

Course Selection

We will assist you in crafting an optimal mock schedule and in registering for the classes that you want, allowing you to be matched with the best teachers and the classes in which you'll perform best.

Extracurricular Planning

We will guide you through picking an optimal set of extracurricular activities to participate in, and give you advice on obtaining leadership roles and winning competitions.

Summer Opportunities

Through our network and experiences, we will match you with summer jobs and internships which will make your eventual university applications stand out.

Sample Applications

We will give you access to sample successful and unsuccessful applications to the program of your choice, allowing you to understand the different routes that can lead to your admission, as well as what has worked and what hasn't.

Monthly Reports

Every month, we will provide you with a report tracking your progress, analyzing whether you are on the right track to admission to the program of your choice based on our experience, and providing suggestions for improvement.

Relationship Development

With letters of recommendation being an essential element in applications to many competitive programs and scholarships, we guide you in building genuine relationships with teachers and advisors so that they can eventually write you the best possible recommendations.

Study Strategies

We give you advice on study strategies and time management tactics for specific subjects, allowing you to perform best in your classes and achieve the highest possible R-Score.

Standardized Testing Planning

For students considering applying to US colleges, we advise you on whether to take the SAT or ACT, which subject tests to take, and how to prepare for these exams.

Genuine Introspection

We discuss your life goals, priorities and interests to suggest realistic career paths, as well as match up your activities with your passions, allowing you to stand out from other applicants.



Once you contact us, we will ask you to send us an application detailing your educational and extracurricular history, goals and interests, thus allowing us to match you with a mentor who is a good fit for you.


Starting off

During an hour-long meeting, you and your mentor will comprehensively discuss your CEGEP and university plans and establish a plan for the next year.


Following up

You and your mentor will meet via video conference at least once per month (more frequently if desired) to track your progress and propose improvements to maximize your achievements during CEGEP.