Interview Prep Program

Did you know?

Many applicants to competitive programs spend years studying and participating in extracurricular activities, submit a compelling application, and are rejected after the interview for their first-choice program.

Interviews are important for all competitive programs to which CEGEP students apply. For McGill Med-P and Dent-P, only the interview counts after one is granted, and the interview can make or break an application to McGill Law as well as US and UK universities.

At RScology, we innovate by performing realistic simulations of interviews that can be repeated as many times as needed, providing detailed feedback to candidates and thus maximizing their chances of admission.

We provide interview preparation as part of our University Application Guidance program for US and UK admissions. For all Quebec medical and dental schools as well as McGill Law, we offer you the opportunity of Multiple Mini-Interviews (MMI), CASPer and traditional interview preparation as a standalone service.

McGill Med-P/Dent-P MMI
UdeM Med MEM